Wednesday, October 20, 2021

11:00 am (Central)

Reduce Resolution Time from Hours or Days to Minutes

Use Employees to Get Time Back for Engineers

Reduce Voice System and UC Work Tickets by Up to 80%

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Control What Employees Can See and Change

Deploy Off-Loading in Single and Multi-Vendor Environments

Significantly Reduce Operational Expense

Realize significant work ticket reduction by off-loading select MACDs to employees.

With self service, MACDs are processed immediately. No waiting. No work tickets.

Give your engineers and administrators needed time to complete other work.

Off-Load costly MACDs from highly skilled engineers to your company's employees.

Enable employees to access multiple vendors' systems from one, simple unified interface.

LineOne's configuration capabilities enable you to control which MACDs are off-loaded to employees.

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This webinar will discuss and demonstrate how your organization's employees can easily and safely process their own phone and voicemail MACDs

Unimax's LineOne software enables employees to EASILY make their own telecom and UC Moves, Adds, Changes and Deletes (MACDs) like voicemail password resets and many others in both single and multi-vendor environments.

The benefits are immediate and measurable. By off-loading costly and redundant MACDs to employees using self service, you will realize reduced operational costs and your telecom and UC engineers will finally have the time to focus on other work.

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This webinar will demonstrate how Unimax's LineOne can:

Enable Employees to Process Their Own Phone & Voicemail MACDs