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In response to the global spread of the COVID-19 virus, telecom and UC teams are being forced to transition their communications and collaboration infrastructure to accommodate an ever-growing number of work-from-home employees.

For 30 years, Unimax's 2nd Nature software has assisted companies with these kinds of management challenges. That puts us in a unique  position to help organizations quickly resolve the issues associated with making work-from-home work.

Here are some current, real-life examples of how 2nd Nature is helping:

  • Move On-Prem Skype Users to the Cloud

A global manufacturer needed to move its voice engineers for easier management from home. This was done in bulk cutting the time estimated to complete it by 60%.

  • Find Call Forwarding Problems Before they Strike

A large public university knew users may not have a prepending “9” and would likely call them to fix it when their call forwarding failed. They wrote a report to find all numbers without a 9 and added one in under 30 minutes.

  • Allow External Call Forwarding 

A large insurance corporation had limited the number of digits when call forwarding. This prohibited external call forwarding. One massive change across all home workers took 4 minutes instead of the projected 17 hours. 

A large public university needed to make a Nortel Class of Service change to allow external call forwarding and did so in 30 seconds instead of the projected 7 hours.

  • Reporting Progress of Virtual Phone Transition to Executives

A large hospital system, who is helping the government to deal with the health crisis, easily reported how many new virtual phones have been created.

These examples represent only a few of the ways 2nd Nature can help keep you and your work-from-home employees productive. We are ready to help you and your organization learn more.

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Unimax will waive all subscription charges for its 2nd Nature software for 3 months beginning after the software has been put into production. After 3 months, simply stop using the software without any obligation. No need to cancel, it will happen automatically.

Please understand that there will still be costs associated with this offer. You will need minor hardware (such as a VM) to run this software on-premises. Additionally, there will be costs associated with your implementation from Unimax for installation and training. These charges will be discounted to cost with no profit going to Unimax.

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Unimax is providing its 2nd Nature software for free to help organizations easily execute bulk telecom and UC changes related to remote workforces.

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